About Us

Our company has been providing the first-class limo services for 15 years. Our clients can trust our professionalism and experience. We are working to excel and to make each our client happy.

If you decide to work with us, you won’t be disappointed. Our fleet includes a number of modern vehicles as well as some older, more classy and old-fashioned models. We also work with shuttles and executive vehicles. We can offer you the best drivers too.

Our company works hard, trying to provide our workers with opportunities to grow personally. We finance their courses and help them develop their best qualities, making professionals out of them.

If you want to rent a limo, we offer you smooth experience from the very first second. All of our chauffeurs are uniformed, wearing black and white suits and ties. They will also have company badges, so you can recognize our driver.

We have some vehicles, including shuttle buses, for handicapped people. If you need any special treatment, you could contact us for more information.

We also try to make our services flexible for you and give you an option to cancel your order any minute. We also offer you cancellation fees, however, the prices are based on how fast you decide to cancel your order.

If a car arrives late or the weather is bad and the driver can’t make it in time, we offer you a refund and/or give you a present. We try to eliminate those cases, but there are things we can’t control. However, if the weather is bad and those conditions can endanger our client, we will cancel an order and give you a full refund. If a vehicle requires extra cleaning or needs repairs, you as a client are not responsible for this.

You don’t have to worry about your safety as all of our drivers randomly pass drug tests and have regular check-ups. They also possess commercial licenses and are skillful drivers with no accidents on their background.