Bail Bonds – Taking the Stress and Worry Out of Making Bail

Receiving a phone call from a loved one detained will lead to a sense of fear. Anyone experiencing this encounter will withstand the great anxiety of being responsible for finding the best way to free their loved ones from serving time in prison. bail bondsman offers excellent info on this.

Apart from protecting their loved ones from the ordeal of being trapped in a prison cell, being kept in detention for lengthy periods of time can cause families great hardships. If the accused is in kindergarten, they will skip required schooling which can affect their overall scholastic progress. If he or she works, he or she may miss work, and may lose their job as a result.

Many people have a basic understanding that releasing from prison usually requires quick, large sums of money, but most people don’t instantly have large amounts of expendable cash on hand. If the victim is unable to obtain a bond, he or she will be detained until the court appearance date which could be anywhere from one day to weeks from the time of the arrest.

Bail is a guarantee in the form of a set amount of money, used to insure the prisoner returns to trial at a specified time and date. Usually a bail amount is from a thousand dollars to tens of thousands of dollars, based on the crime.

Because it is not possible for most people to come up with thousands of extra dollars, it is often necessary to seek the assistance of a bail bond firm to prevent loved ones from serving time in prison. Bail bond agencies will post bail sums for immediate release of those convicted. This is achieved with the strict requirement that in the appointed times, the suspects appear in court. Many bail bond firms charge 10 per cent of the total bail amount.