Carpet Cleaning Methods

You may have spent a small fortune on your carpet, laid out to enhance your home ‘s beauty with elaborate design. You certainly want your carpet to stay forever in its clean state. But is it feasible? Not unless that’s where you never live. It is almost difficult to keep the carpet clean with the rise in contaminants, unless one opts for an alternate floor covering. Dust and dirt are most likely to accumulate over time on your carpet. Pro Clean-Gutter Cleaning New Orleans offers excellent info on this.

Bacteria get into the carpet and result in unhygienic carpets that begin to give off bad odours. Small micro organisms-fungi. To save the carpet from further damage, so frequent and proper cleaning is needed.

Cleaning the carpet may not be the easiest of tasks now, as you must ensure that you choose the correct and precise way to clean it in order to preserve the fibres and longevity of the carpet. A chemical or fibre test is an absolute must to determine the adequate cleaning method for your carpet.

To remove dust, germs and micro organisms from your carpet, there are a wide range of cleaning methods used, but you only need to choose the right one for you.

Dry Cleaning Cleaning

The cleaning technique that dries your carpet very quickly is Dry Cleaning. The method is very simple and includes a dry powder with an affinity for dust spread throughout the carpet and for a short period of time. In order to remove the powder and dust, the carpet is then vacuumed. If you only have dust and no other toxic or harmful organisms on your carpet, this method is good. This method of cleaning is not good for pet homes because your carpet won’t get rid of germs and insects.

Cleaning Steam

Steam cleaning, which is cheap, suitable and very popular for residential use, is another option. There are steam cleaning machines used in this process. The method involves mixing hot water with detergents and working over the carpet; the water and dirt are subsequently extracted by the same machine. This method clears the carpet but does not make it free of dust. Sometimes, dust still remains in the fibre of the carpet due to improper washing and begins to give off an unpleasant odour.


Another cleaning process you can carry out yourself is shampooing. The application of a special detergent on the carpet involves shampooing. To stir up the dust and other particles from the carpet, the carpet cleaning machine is then used. After the detergent is removed by vacuuming, to make the carpet smell fresh and look brighter, deodorizers and brighteners are also applied to the carpet. It is not an efficient method of cleaning your carpet, even though it is a simple process.

Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning – Improving Your Health

A lot of people are very sure to clean their bathrooms every couple of days to make sure they keep away bacteria and other problems, but many of the same people forget about cleaning upholstery. Even the cleanest people might forget that cleaning upholstery is an important part of keeping your home clean and a healthy place to live. There are a number of health benefits that can come with daily upholstery cleaning, so it is vital that you take advantage of these benefits so clean upholstery on your upholstery. Visit us on Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning.


While you can regularly use hand sanitizers on your hands and lysol on your kitchen sink, you can forget one of the areas that most bacteria can flourish. Often spills occur on your upholstery, or someone sits down and sweats away , leaving the damp upholstery. It makes it a perfect environment for bacteria to thrive and this bacteria will tend to develop and spread until you have daily upholstery cleaning completed. It is vital that you frequently get upholstery cleaning performed to destroy the bacteria that might develop on your furniture. Easy washing upholstery will get rid of the infection and will render you and your family ill.

Staub and Allergene:

Bacteria not only get trapped in your upholstery when you don’t have regular upholstery cleaning done, but also dust and other allergens, such as mold, can get trapped. If you have allergies to dust and mold, or even non-identified allergies, the issue could be with your upholstery. When you continue washing the upholstery daily, you would more than certainly have less allergy issues in the household. Cleaning up the upholstery can help get rid of the allergens that cause the problems.

Trouble breathing:

Because there is a fair deal of dust and other allergens that can get stuck in your upholstery when you fail to get the upholstery cleaning completed, the dust and other allergens that tend to migrate into the air you are breathing with. If you don’t have frequently performed upholstery washing, the air condition in your house is more than certainly really poor, and probably worse than the air outside your house. You ought to get upholstery washing done on your upholstery if you want to get rid of any breathing issues for good.