A Guide to Fire Risk Assessment in Macclesfield

The new Fire Safety Regulations mean that all old certificates have been abolished, and business owners are now fully responsible for ensuring that their employees and commercial premises are safe from fire. Fire Risk Assessment in Macclesfield offers excellent info on this. Inspectors can unannounced visit your premises to conduct fire safety checks and ask for records of fire risk assessments. If you can not produce these records then you are at risk from getting fines or even prosecution in severe cases.

By law, if you have a large premises with more than 5 employees, you must record every risk assessment you undertake and all the fire hazards you spotted.

You will ought to instruct the employees on how to correctly handle dangerous appliances and properly store flammable liquids. All facilities are special with various configurations, appliances and items that both may create fire hazards, and I will encourage you to employ a qualified fire specialist to perform a fire threat evaluation at your facilities. There is lots of online support as well as fire risk management tools, so if your premises are wide and many people at stake, your workers’ health and all other persons on your premises will be your number one concern.

Through employing a qualified safety specialist, it guarantees that the buildings and employees are protected from safety and that measures are placed in order to prevent or minimize any possible fire threats or dangers. A fire specialist can insure that the buildings are properly inspected for fire threats and can even draw up a emergency management program detailing where any potential dangers occur and what measures need to be in effect.

We will also draw up an emergency response program and prepare the workers so that they would respond properly in the unlikely case of a fire and escape safely.

Alternatively, a consultant could perform many training courses such as fire-wardening training, visit your premises and train fire-safety employees to perform regular fire-risk assessments, saving you from constantly recruiting a consultant. It would be advisable to appoint someone who has been in your business a while so they know your business well already which would help with an assessment. It could be helpful for a contractor to carry out the first fire danger evaluation such ensure the premises are completely protected and have them prepare an individual to then administer the fire protection programme.