River Ridge School of Music & Dance-Guidelines

It’s important to see that even though the music industry is shrinking and decreasing in ways it’s not becoming bigger and bigger until music schools on the other side. Every year they turn out to be more students and now some also launch bachelor programmes. If it wasn’t enough to rip people off for associate degrees in a market where only one in a thousand will even find themselves a job in a real music industry setting. Visit us on River Ridge School of Music & Dance.

The internship itself is nothing to get excited about, as that person will then be required to be a running boy and work free to take abuse from all around. In reality, it is easier to go straight to work in a department store, because your debt can at least begin to be paid off. It was incredible to me that when I was in school myself the attitude of the students and teachers contrasted so harshly. I went to the main music school in Florida’s winter park, without any labels to make it easy enough for anyone to find.

In reality, most of the staff there had been former students who could not get a job elsewhere. Many were depressed, underpaid and wanted to expose the truth of the outside world to the majority of us. The odd part was that nobody was considering it, so as soon as they finished, anyone I fell in contact with felt that they should make it big on their own. I remember asking one of the students on my first day, graduation was held than for some reason, what they feel about the school to learn that what you bring in you get out of it. This was an expression that was repeated hundreds of times during the academic year to all of us and seems to have been something you just heard to inform us.

I was very fortunate, but not really, just harassed and rendered a friendship with the right people to get me an internship right away in a New York Studio. As I got into the job, things turned out to be very different from what I was told at the academy, but compared to the rest of my team, I was very fortunate because nobody else was worth anything. I completed my six months for free and just as the capital began to arrive in the factories surrounding me, it began to close. I sought a place in a foreign-speaking market and launched a record label that put quite a few hits on the radio and pushed me on.

This was not achieved in any way with the aid of the placement team, who couldn’t do much more than send me addresses of the already operating music studios when I requested many times. Before I enrolled because I knew it was so new that they essentially guarantee everyone will get a position. The music industry was still very big before I came into the picture but now after reading the news I find it really hard to imagine where all these schools are getting their graduates.