Physical Evidence Chiropractic – A Closer Look

Most neck and back pain sufferers may not care of chiropractic treatments. It’s not popular sense that the soft tissue treatment is one of the facilities offered in a chiropractic clinic. For eg, whether you’ve suffered a whiplash from an incident in a car crash, the muscles in your neck are in spasm. We can feel more sluggish, and very rigid, than anything else. You may have torn ligaments and pains along the back. Visit us on Physical Evidence Chiropractic: David Lipman, DC.

Soon after a whiplash, or lower back injury, shakes off the numbness and the agony begins. Or you might just have had a lot of suffering. People feel that differently, but all want relief.

Whether you tell your chiropractor that you had an accident or (very common) “I just woke up and realized that I could hardly move”-you’ll get a full exam to determine just how much you can still move for one example, your ranges of motion.

They can also assess muscle deficiencies. X-rays are also performed to insure there are no unexplained hairline cracks or other problems.

Lots of chiropractors use hot packs to relax their muscles. They will then do some release of tension, or myofascial release on the sore areas, as much as you can, each visit. They will also perform some physical pressure, or relaxing, which can slowly contribute to the relaxation and restore the range of motion.

You ‘re definitely being told to use ice packs at home. Heat increases the inflammation, and ice diminishes it. You will feel pain relieving if you use ice. The ice draws circulation to the soft tissues that have been injured, and helps to heal.

The quicker you get treatment after an injury, the less scar tissue will eventually form in your muscles , ligaments and tendons. Scar tissue is dense and non-elastic, and where necessary, it is best to prevent a build up.